MSI’s R7970 breaks world record of 1800MHz GPU core clock

/ 6 years ago

The world-renowned Swedish overclocking enthusiast Elmor has recently broken a world record with MSI’s R7970 Lightning graphics card.

AMD introduced the first 1GHz graphics card with the new 7000 series, Elmor did better and beat that like nothing with 1.8GHz of GPU core clock speeds, 94.5% higher than the default value. This new record was made possible by MSI’s Unlocked Digital Power Architecture where the Unlocked BIOS removes all the limits with one press of a button and the Digital PWM Controller enables for more precise voltage adjustments while the strengthened power supply design raises the overclocking potential to another level.

MSI’s unique GPU power supply, patented “GPU Reactor”, helps in reducing the power noise, improving overclocking stability by a large margin.

All of these features make for an extreme overclockability, as was proven by Elmor along with some liquid nitrogen to help in preventing  setting everything on fire.

For more information about the R7970 Lighting from MSI, please visit this page.

Source: Bjorn3D


One Response to “MSI’s R7970 breaks world record of 1800MHz GPU core clock”
  1. Drd79 says:

    I get P10,000+ on 3dMark11 running my reference ASUS @ 1200/1700. Just got my hands on the Lightning edition, can't wait to see what it can do over the reference card!!!

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