Multiplay Servers Hacked – Is Someone Upset That They Were Bought by GAME?

/ 3 years ago


Reports have emerged that Multiplay’s servers have been hacked. Members have received e-mails from Multiplay warning them that unauthorised access of their servers may have compromised user accounts, advising them to protect their personal information and to change their passwords.

multiplay hack

Multiplay’s Twitter account has confirmed that the e-mail is genuine:

Southhampton-based Multiplay is one of the largest online gaming servers out there, with last year’s annual Insomnia gaming festival attracting 67,000 players. The hack could be seen as a protest attack following Multiplay’s purchase by UK retailer GAME for £20 million earlier this month, which has disgruntled some gamers, and seems timed to undermine this year’s Insomnia which is set to take place from 3rd – 6th April at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry.

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