Musk Donates $7 Million to Future of Life Institute for AI Risk Research

/ 2 years ago

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It is no secret that Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, PayPal and SpaceX, as well as other people, is concerned where the current unsupervised and at times reckless efforts in AI will lead us. Maybe we won’t see an evil Google robot army, by choice or accident, but there is a risk that something could go wrong when we teach our machines too much.

Musk recently donated $7 million to Future of Life Institute (FLI) for its research on the risk of artificial intelligence. FLI is an organisation that is working on discovering any dangers or threats that artificial intelligence may pose. This isn’t the first time Musk backed this research, the last time being in January where he gave $10 million.

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The $7 million will be used to help fund 37 project proposals from 300 previously reviewed proposals. According to Max Tegmark, the president of the Future Life Institute, the research they approved, and will be conducting, are concerned on real issues. These include economic impact, job impact and even ethical problems.

“We’re staying focused, and the 37 teams supported by today’s grants should help solve such real issues,” Tegmark stated.

The complete list with all 37 proposals can be viewed on FLI’s website and include studies such as how an AI will consider their human counterparts to how to keep AI weaponry under human control.

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