Skyrim’s Nazeem is Getting Killed Every Day until Elder Scrolls VI is Released!

Despite the announcement of The Elder Scrolls VI back in 2019, to date, there has been very little news surrounding the title. In fact, the latest information would seem to suggest that despite 3 years having passed, hardly any work has actually started on it yet. With this in mind, therefore, it does seem likely that its release date is a very long way away. – In order to address this situation, however, YouTuber ‘Sidek‘ has come up with a very novel solution.

Namely, they’re going to kill Nazeem (a generally unpopular Skyrim NPC) every single day until The Elder Scrolls VI is released and post his untimely demises online accordingly!

Nazeem to Die Every Single Day Until The Elder Scrolls VI is Released!

Now, you might be wondering why they’ve decided to pick this one particular NPC. Skyrim does, after all, have many other tempting targets to choose from. Well, while no categorical answer has been provided to that question, it should be noted that ‘Nazeem’ is a bit of a dick. Generally speaking to you somewhat patronisingly, it has become something of a meme by some players to kill him when encountered.

Taking this to the next level, however, ‘Sidek‘ has committed to killing him every single day until The Elder Scrolls VI is officially available to purchase. And, with this in mind, I suspect that Nazeem has got a rough few years ahead of him!

What Do We Think?

At my absolute best guess, The Elder Scrolls VI will not be released until around 2025. And that’s at the absolute earliest. With this in mind, therefore, this challenge, which started around 4 months ago (with circa 133 kills already registered), will, I suspect, see Nazeem murdered over 1,000, and even possibly 1,500 times before he is finally given a break.

On the plus side, however, ‘Sidek‘ does appear to be attempting to kill him in as many unique ways as possible, so if you want to check that out, click on the link here!

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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