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A new website has been launched called ‘Hackers List‘, that allows you to post jobs available for actual hackers. Essentially, think of the site as a sort of oDesk or People Per Hour for computer hackers.

This may seem like a joke, but people really are using this thing, posting jobs requiring sometimes highly illegal activities to be performed by hackers. For instance, according to The New York Times, there is currently a woman on the site offering $500 for someone to hack her partner’s Gmail and Facebook accounts. There’s also someone in Sweden willing to give $2000 for someone to break into his landlord’s website.

While this thing may seem like some clever publicity stunt, there are currently over 500 jobs ready and waiting for willing digital assailants. The whole process is anonymous, with no identifying information between the ’employer’ and the hacker.

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The website is registered in New Zealand (a country famous for digital crimes thanks to Kim Dotcom) and claims that is perfectly legal and not at all liable for any illegal activities. Its lengthy terms and conditions state that it does not condone any illegal activity and that the site shouldn’t be used for anything illegal in the first place (yeah, right).

Obviously not all hacking is illegal – there are people out there with incredible hacking skills who do currently make a good living getting paid by companies to purposely hack things, often with the intention of uncovering any vulnerabilities. Perhaps this site could be best utilised in that way, maybe providing such purposes to smaller developers and startups.

SourceThe New York Times Via: Gizmodo

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