Nestle Working on Nespresso Style Replicator for Nutrients

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It’s never long before another piece of technology from Star Trek becomes more and more like reality, we’ve seen it before with tablets and mobile phones, there are even people tinkering with teleportation technologies and warp travel, now it looks like the time of the replicatior is at hand.

Nestle Health Science are one of the leading industry forces for creating nutritional products and maladies, but now they’re looking to advance the technology on how these treatments are deployed.

Their wanting to create  reliable, inexpensive method for measuring deficiencies of multiple nutrients at once, then feeding those requirements into a machine that could dispense a drink with the required doses to help top-up those deficiencies. Just imagine a Nespresso coffee machine or food replicator that could monitor your health, then top-off your drink / meal with the vital remedies you need to stay healthy! NIHS chief Baetge even goes are far to say it could dispense meals on demand.

“Out comes your food at the press of a button,” Baetge said. “If we do this right, it can be the next microwave in your kitchen.”

It’s obviously a long way off just yet, but they’re working on it and it could be the first steps towards replication technology, especially if it#s combined with 3D food printers and similar devices.

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thank you Bloomberg for providing us with this information.

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