Netflix Confirms Significant Drop In Subscribers

I like to think that for what I pay for my Netflix account, I get more than my money’s worth out of it. Don’t tell them though as over the last year the company has been implementing a number of price increases. It seems, however, that this move to put prices up may have led to a significant number of people turning off.

In a report via SlashFilm, in the last financial quarter, Netflix has reported losing around 130,000 in just the US alone. An announcement that made their share price dip by nearly 13%.

It has, however, led to a number of concerns surrounding the future of the platform. Specifically, if they will even drop the hammer on introducing adverts!

People Are Turning Off Netflix

Netflix has accredited the drop in numbers due to a ‘lull’ period in their ‘Original’ content. Which in fairness, isn’t far removed from the truth as I’m still waiting to hear a release date for Better Call Saul Season 5.

Some, however, are placing the blame squarely on the price increases which Netflix implemented in the US and then, a few months later, applied to European countries. The concern, however, is that the company may knee-jerk at the loses by finally giving into advertisements.

What Do We Think?

I think it’s pretty certain that, sooner or later, Netflix will introduce a lower-tier price platform that includes adverts. If you are, after all, going to put charges up you are clearly always going to lose customers who are ‘priced-out’ by this.

Despite the increases though, I still think Netflix represents good value for money. Particularly when compared to a Sky or Virgin TV package. With some solid releases in the near future, we’re pretty sure that they can bounce back from this without resorting to finding more ways to generate money.

What do you think? Would adverts make you switch off Netflix? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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