Netgear Urges Router Owners to Update Firmware as Huge Security Flaw Gets Fixed!

While we daresay that many of you are probably pretty hot on updating the various drivers on your PC/laptop, it’s likely a very different story when it comes to your router. – It’s almost a forgotten piece of technology. Well, except when it stops working and/or your internet cuts out!

Following a report via BeepingComputer, however, Netgear router owners are being strongly urged to check the official website as a new hugely important firmware update has been released for various highly-popular performance-focused models which fixes an apparently huge security issue lurking in the software!

Netgear Urges Users to Check Their Router Firmware!

It isn’t, of course, surprising that Netgear hasn’t gone into too much detail surrounding exactly what the security flaw was. They wouldn’t, after all, want to spread that kind of news around too much largely to protect those who will likely never update their router firmware (or even think to do so!). They have, however, strongly urged owners of the Wireless AC Nighthawk, Wireless AX Nighthawk (WiFi 6), and other Wireless AC routers (model numbers listed below) to immediately go to their support website and download/apply the latest firmware drivers if necessary:

Affected Models/Latest Firmware Version

  • RAX40 – Firmware version
  • RAX35 – Firmware version
  • R6400v2 – Firmware version
  • R6700v3 – Firmware version
  • R6900P – Firmware version
  • R7000P – Firmware version
  • R7000P – Firmware version
  • R7960P – Firmware version
  • R8000P – Firmware version

If you would, therefore, like to learn more, you can check out Netgear’s official support website via the link here! – Simply enter your router’s model number and you should be able to cross-reference it to the new firmware update (if applicable).

What do you think? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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