Never Trust a Stranger, Young Destiny Player Learns It the Hard Way

/ 3 years ago


The PS4 has the cool feature that you virtually can hand over your controller to another player to get help with a tricky situation that you can’t handle yourself – but you should be sure to trust the person you share with.

A young player Destiny player learned this the hard way as he lost two of his characters and the last exotic weapon from his third character when sharing with a stranger over the internet.

The player’s mother tells that one of the members of the young man’s clan invited KirmitTHEfrog and another person into a party. They played together for a while, and it was after earning his trust on February 13, that the events of the video below unfolded. The young man handed the controller over via Share Play expecting that the other user would help him uncover a glitch to boost his character, but he was betrayed by his young age and naivety.

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The good thing is, it’s just a game and the young man won’t really have any consequences from this experience, except that he probably won’t trust a stranger so easy a second time. A good lesson learned the hard way.

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3 Responses to “Never Trust a Stranger, Young Destiny Player Learns It the Hard Way”
  1. Simon Butler says:

    haha ffs, only so many people you can trust, poor sod crying at end, they should make it that when taken over they cant delete anything, the programmers didn’t really think it through

  2. Bob Brello says:

    serves him right for trying to glitch his characters up.. hard lesson.. play fair, do the game right.. cheats never prosper.. hopefully he wont try the same thing again .. but kids being kids…

  3. Jared Beekman says:

    The devs should of seen this coming and disabled the ability to buy/sell/trade/etc via sharing like this, but once again here I go putting common sense into the internet.

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