New AMD FX-Series Processor Is Coming: Ships With A Liquid Cooling System

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AMD’s Roy Taylor, the Vice President of Global Channel Sales, has revealed an upcoming AMD FX-Series processor on Twitter. He revealed a picture of a new product which is an FX-Series Processor with an integrated liquid cooling system. The packaging clearly indicates we will see a closed loop water cooler inside, probably an Asetek made AIO. The picture reveals very little about the upcoming product other than that it will be an AMD desktop FX series processor, which Roy Taylor is claiming is “something new”.

Presumably the new processor will join the ranks of the FX-9000 series and will be based on the current Piledriver architecture just with a slight speed bump which is kept in check with the water cooling. However, are higher clocks even possible with the FX-9590 already shipping with a 4.7GHz base clock and 5GHz Turbo? That paves the way for this to be a high-clocked Steamroller based unit to succeed the FX-9590. The announcement also coincides with Intel’s newly announced Devil’s Canyon CPUs. Of course, I could just be getting too excited and this could just be a retail boxed FX-9590 that comes with a bundled liquid cooling system. To date the FX-9590 has only been offered as an OEM chip, not in retail form.

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Source: Roy Taylor, Via: WCCFTech

Image courtesy of Roy Taylor (Twitter)

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