New Codemasters F1 Game to Be Revealed Today!

/ 4 years ago


Thanks to a sneaky posting on Twitter it looks like we can expect  the announcement of a brand new F1 games later today, namely F1 2013 and while that’s nothing to gasp about in the sense that it was pretty much inevitable, we didn’t really know when it would be coming out and this will no doubt be great news to both F1 fans and gamers alike.

While we do not have official confirmation of the platforms available we do know that it will NOT be coming to next-gen, not unless the developers lied right to our faces a little while ago when they stated they have no plans on bringing the series to next-gen until 2014 and it’s unlikely they will change their tune on that one given the larger install base of current gen hardware and the niche of the market that F1 fills in terms of games sales.

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A safe bet of course will be Xbox 360, Ps3, PC and perhaps even Wii U although I wouldn’t hedge too many bets on that one as the Wii U does tend to miss out on a lot of the really hot stuff. Some mobile editions or perhaps handheld console editions may also be announced.

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