No New CPU Architectures From AMD Until 2016?

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It looks like AMD have been taking the easy route as far as R&D is concerned, as the company doesn’t plan on releasing any new CPU architectures until at least 2016! This flys right in the face of Intel who are forever pushing new architectures, having just released their ultra high-end Haswell-E platform, and by the sounds of it, they’re not interested in a trying to keep up.

AMD CEO Rory Read revealed this when speaking with Bloomberg, where he revealed that new hardware will be coming out next year, although that too will be based on existing architectures.

“AMD engineers are now proving they can deliver new designs on time, something that didn’t happen in the past.” said Read.

Next year we can expect new APUs from AMD that will be based no their low-power Puma+ and Steamroller architectures, but will focus on refining heat output and power consumption rather than pushing for higher performance.

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2 Responses to “No New CPU Architectures From AMD Until 2016?”
  1. mr2k9 says:

    then we shall see the death of amd sooner than later…

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