New D1080 multimedia docking station from Gigabyte

/ 6 years ago

Gigabyte today announced the international release of the D1080 multimedia docking station for both the S1080 and S1081 Slate PCs. With a high quality audio system, a built-in ODD and full connectivity ports, the D1080 combined with the S1080/S1081 provide a entertaining multimedia experience that can be enjoyed with the latest music, movies and online streaming content.

The D1080 multimedia docking station is designed for the S1080 and S1081, which are high-performing Windows 7 based slates. Continuing the spirit of the GIGABYTE Booktop series, the docking station merges the convenience of a portable slate with the benefit of a desktop PC. The combination provides versatility and turns the business oriented S1080/S1081 into an entertainment center.

Source: PR

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