New Displays Could Correct Bad Eye Sight

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Thanks to scientists at the University Of California at Berkeley, and MIT viewing your telephone, TV screen or your computer monitor could actually improve your eyesight.

The researchers are developing a screen that adjusts to refractive errors in your eye, which would usually be corrected using glasses, contacts or laser surgery. These displays use an algorithm that will find the sharpest focal point for the viewer making the image crystal clear. The researchers hope to be able to correct problems such as an astigmatism or myopia.

For now this technology is still in the early prototype phase so there’s no information available about what would happen if two viewers with different eyesight problems viewed the same display but the goal is to be able to personalise the display for any users perception.

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MIT have released this video with some information.


Glasses will be needed whilst not viewing the displays but with the amount of technology that could potentially use them and the amount of time we spend on our computers, using our phones, on our tablets or watching TV we could be almost glasses free in out homes. The researchers are already trying to intergreat the displays in all of these devices and more.

Thank you MIT for providing us with this information.

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  1. Alistair Hardy says:

    This is a tech i will have to keep an eye on

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