New GTA 4 Mod Lets You Take In-Game Selfies!

/ 3 years ago


The significant delay between the PC versions of GTA 4 and GTA 5 have left the PC community needing mods to keep things fresh and exciting. Of note was the 4K mod released last year that took the graphics to a new level but just recently some modders released a new mod that isn’t about graphics. Instead, you are able to use Niko’s phone for taking in-game selfies. Not only do you have the option to take a selfie but you can also pick the facial expression to take a picture of.

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Obviously this isn’t going to be to everyone’s tastes but it’s a fairly novel way of poking fun at the internet generation we’ve collectively become. You can grab the mod at the source link below. Also you check the videos of the mod so you can get a feel for what it does. Spoiler alert: you will have to suffer about 30 seconds of the selfie song!



Source: GTAXScripting

Image courtesy of GTAXScripting

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