New Images Of The iPad 5 Are Revealed

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With Apple expected to launch a new iPad on October 22nd it is hardly surprising that pictures of the new iPad device have started to show up. Sonny Dickson has managed to get an exclusive look at Apple’s new iPad 5 in Space Grey and you can see some of the pictures of that “hands on” in this article.


The pictures reveal a tablet that is yet again thinner than the current Retina display iPad. The tablet comes in a Space Grey colour that is similar to the iPhone 5S.


The Apple iPad 5 is expected to be unveiled in 11 days time on October 22nd. Alongside the iPad 5 we should also expect to see the second incarnation of the highly popular Apple iPad Mini – the iPad Mini 2.

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Other than that we’ve got relatively little news to offer on the specifications other than that the thickness is reduced from 9.55 mm to 7.5mm and the width is reduced from 184.48mm to 169.48mm compared to the current Retina display iPad 4.

Expect more details to arrive as we edge closer to the launch event.

If you want to see all the pictures of the iPad 5 hands on then be sure to check out the original article here.

Images courtesy of Sonny Dickson

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