New Legislation Aims To Prohibit NSA Encryption Back Doors

/ 4 years ago


The New York Times reports that a Republican Senator, Rush D Holt, is trying to introduce legislation that would prevent the NSA from installing back doors into encryption. Holt believes that the NSA has overstepped its boundaries and that it could hurt the interests of the United States and its companies by damaging reputations.

“We pay them to spy. But if in the process they degrade the security of the encryption we all use, it’s a net national disservice.”

The “Surveillance State Repeal Act” put together by Holt cuts down the powers of the NSA to install back doors into encryptions that protect things like online communications and emails. This draft legislation is in response to revelations that broke early this week through the Guardian and New York Times which revealed the NSA has the power to bypass and crack the majority of encryption systems currently used.

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