New Philips Monitors for Greener Business

/ 6 years ago

The new Philips monitors, designed for Offices, come equipped with even more built-in energy-saving technologies.

MMD, the company behind Philips LCD monitors, have produced four models that come with LED backlighting and innovative Philips PowerSensor technology and a few other innovative features that help you effortlessly reduce costs all day long.

The Philips PowerSensor is an infared sensor that makes it possible to cut down a monitor’s power consumption by up to 80% as it automatically turns the monitor off when you are not at the desk, and of course turns it back on as soon as you are back in range. The monitors are therefore very energy-efficient and suitable for companies that want to protect the environment as well as keeping their budget low and of course while not compromising on quality. Thanks to the energy-saving technology built into the Philips monitors, they will lower your operating costs significantly without you having to do anything else.

The Philips PowerSensor has been tested to only consume 0.1 Watt of power when in standby, although of course they can and should be fully switched off when employers take lunch breaks etc.

ModelSizePowerSensorLEDDisplayPortAdjustable HeightEPEAT
P Line235PL2ES23-inchYesYes130mmGold
P Line241P3LYEB24-inchYesYes130mmGold
P Line273P3LPHEB27-inchYesYes110mmGold
B Line201BL2CS20-inchYes70mmGold
B Line221B3LPCB21.5-inchYesYes70mmGold
S Line221S3LSB21.5-inchYes

The flagship of the new series of models is the Philips 273P3LPHEB, which is a full HD monitor and has a 27” display.
The new business range from Philips includes monitors that suit a wide variety of needs:

  • The Professional Line (or “P Line”) was designed with professional users in mind such as architects and designers and combines superb picture quality with high ergonomic standards.
  • The Business Line (“B Line”) was developed specifically for businesses and features height and tilt adjustment capabilities.
  • The Small Business Line (“S Line”) is ideal for small firms as it offers good quality at an attractively low price.

Here are some of the useful features the new Business series provides:

  • Screen sizes up to 27” to make working with documents placed next to each other on screen more convenient
  • Full HD enables best picture support, ideal for graphic-intensive applications
  • SmartImage – this intelligent technology recognises the application being used and adapts the display settings automatically
  • Ergonomic design to help you maintain a healthy posture when sitting in front of the monitor
  • USB ports to connect peripheral devices
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen viewing

We believe that 2 of the “P-line” monitors are also equipped with a Display Port connector which not only makes it easier to connect to graphics cards but this interface has an impresive 10.8 Gbps/sec data transfer speed, which is faster than DVI. The connector makes it possible to transfer audio and video signal, like HDMI, through one cable.

These Philips business monitors are already available in Asia through all MMD distributors and selected resellers and will be shipping worldwide very soon.

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