New PS4 Firmware Brings Suspend/Resume and USB Backup Functions

/ 3 years ago

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Sony is releasing a long-overdue software update for the PlayStation 4, which will include the oft-promised suspend/resume function, plus the ability to backup and restore user settings and data via an external USB drive.

The 2.50 system update, codenamed ‘Yukimura’, brings the suspend/resume function that was promised to accompany the PS4’s launch back in 2013. It allows gamers to set their console to hibernate during gameplay with a push of the console’s power button. Another push, and the PS4 boots back up, allowing the player to resume their game right where they left it.

The second notable feature is the USB backup function. All user data and saved games can be backed up to an external USB drive so that if the machine breaks, or the user wants to move data to another PS4 console, it can be done through the USB drive.

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The update also brings new social features, such as linking your PS4 account with Facebook so you can see which of your Facebook friends share the same console as you, game recommendations with the “Friends Who Play This” option, and gameplay clip uploads to DailyMotion.

The 2.50 system update for PlayStation 4 is due to go live on 26th March.

Source: The Verge

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