New Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 CPU To Support For 4K Video

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Qualcomm has announced its new high-end processor, the Snapdragon 800. Besides the current Snapdragon 800, the 805 rises the stakes in terms of both graphical and computational capabilities. The new processor includes a quad-core Krait 450 CPU with speeds of up to 2.5GHz and memory bandwidth of up to 25.6 GB/second, compared to 14.9 GB/s on the current Snapdragon 800.

The new Adreno 420 GPU has a 40% graphical performance increase and enabling 4K displays on devices as well as the ability to drive Ultra HD content on an external display over a wireless connection. Other highlights for the new GPU include hardware tessellation and geometry shaders, features typically found on high-end PC graphics cards, and hardware 4K HEVC (H.265) decoding for more efficient video playback.

Qualcomm also comes with new tricks for gigapixel-per-second throughput for cameras, along with new low-power sensor processing tricks it says will enable “a wide range of sensor-enabled mobile experiences.”

Qualcomm is said to integrate the new chips in devices as early as Q1 2014, which leads to the conclusion that there is a possibility of it being seen at CES 2014 in Las Vegas next January.

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  1. GH0ST_SE7EN says:

    Thank god I waited before pulling the trigger on a new phone.

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