New WiFi Chip “Aims” to Improve Signals

/ 2 years ago


Ever had the issue of your WiFi not reaching that one room in the house well? Thanks to San Diego based Ethertronics and its new “active antenna” called EtherChip, this may be a problem of the past. The chip was originally developed for cellphones, can also solve slow WiFi connections. It achieves this by using “active steering algorithms” which create multiple signals around the antenna and chooses the best one to use for each devices connecting to it.

Ethertronics claims a 20 to 45 percent increase in signal strength, allowing your WiFi to work behind thick walls and ceilings. Combine this with the new style of 802.11ac routers with their multiple antennas and you should have one solid home network. The chip has yet to see any integration into devices, even with previous iterations being found in certain phones, but Ethertronics hopes to see more router makers embracing it as WiFi use continues to rise.

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Source: Engadget

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