Shortfalls on Refund Amounts Due to ‘Promo Codes’

/ 5 years ago

AMD for quite some time now has been offering up a bundle with all their top end graphics cards in a deal as the ‘Never Settle’ deal. This deal gives users who purchase a HD Radeon 7000 series card games codes for various games such as FarCry 3, Hitman: Absolution, Sleeping Dogs and a 20% discount of Medal Of Honour: Warfighter. Depending on which card is purchased, a mixture of game codes come included for FREE as part of a buying incentive.

Just recently it has come to light that California based e-tailor Newegg has been short changing purchasers who have experienced difficulties with faulty products purchased through their channels. Its a matter of fact that faults do occur and not every piece of hardware on sale is giong to be flawless, even though quality controls from most manufacturers these days are very high. On buyer from the community filed an RMA for his 7900 series Radeon card which appeared to be faulty and as part of AMD’s incentive, this included the Never Settle bundle with all three games and the 20% off code. 

As part of an RMA, the product is to be returned to that it can be replaced with a replacement instead, however it has come to light that this is not how Newegg handled the RMA for the $409 card. Instead of replacing the card, forum user, SkateZilla simply received a refund for $240, a who $169 short of what he paid in the first instance.

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This $169 that Newegg kept hold of is in fact the value that they deem the promotional item to be worth and as part of their terms and conditions, this is not refunded, however as AMD includes the bundle and there is no option to not have the bundle, Newegg could hae simple replaced the card without including a new set of game codes which they would otherwise include with the invoice at the time of shipping.

Considering the game bundle is a ‘FREE’ add-on, Newegg have certainly got a case on their hands along with AMD to make sure that the facts are laid clear on how retailers should handle RMAs for products that include free game codes, ensuring that no value is stuck on an item that is regarded as free and has no market value.

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One Response to “ Shortfalls on Refund Amounts Due to ‘Promo Codes’”
  1. Gabriel Grant says:

    A great way of making returns nearly (to be confirmed 1 month later) impossible

    You think you will get a free game with the purchase of the component, which is a nice incentive to purchase it.

    Before returning the component, which was defective, I obtained a partial refund amount quote on the value of the component MINUS the value of the free game. I contacted new egg and they agreed to refund the *free game as well, which is very tricky to refund something free which was subtracted for your item value… make the customer looks stupid right?

    They refunded the partial on the value and promised to refund the game later. This is not happening on their part, playing me around, meanwhile I keep buying more from them.

    Please do not bite to this company lure.
    You will be shuffled around by everyone, all their Cust rep, and their fake internal refund emails. Prepare to have a merry go round ride worth hundred of dollars in wasted time, wasted typing, wasted emails, wasted time to worry about your money new egg is not ready to refund without very serious trouble, or never will. Buying with paypal will also means less protection in this very case, the trick of sleeves is performed there and try to explain this to your CC after. Paypal *supposedly resolution of the case is also pathetic.

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