Nicaraguan President Claims FBI Are Spying On Obama

/ 4 years ago


Nicaragua’s president Daniel Ortega has warned U.S president Barack Obama that the FBI is spying on him. At a 34th Sandinista Revolution anniversary speech he stated that:

“I tell President Obama to take care…for sure they are spying on him”

He elaborated further that the Obama administration and high level officials and lawmakers are all being spied on by the FBI. He also claims the FBI’s first director John Edgar Hoover initiated a tradition of spying on presidential candidates. Daniel Ortega believes that the FBI files their “dirty laundry” on American politicians so that they hold power over them through blackmail. This apparently means Barack Obama has no control over the USA’s intelligence apparatus and hence how it is now so out of hand.

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Daniel Ortega also slammed the USA for its disproportionate response to Edward Snowden’s revelations:

“I wonder what else he [Snowden] knows? How much horrifying information is there that they want to prosecute and convict him in the US, where the death penalty is an option?”


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  • Wayne

    FBI spying on presidents? That’s the worst kept secret ever. J Edgar Hoover had dirt on the Kennedy’s and all the presidents he served under (and there were a lot of them) a mile thick and it’s never stopped since then.

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