No Ivy Bridge-E till late 2013

/ 6 years ago

Although Intel’s road map promised a rapid development of new processors it appears the shrinked equivalent of Sandy Bridge-E (LGA 2011 or X79) will not be arriving until late 2013. Sandy Bridge-E’s successor is expected to take the naming Ivy Bridge-E and utilise the same LGA 2011 socket with a different chipset. The only difference, apart from the chipset, being that the processor will have a 22nm process and therefore yield higher performance and lower power consumption. The reason for this is the increasing number of delays Intel has experienced with Ivy Bridge LGA 1155 processors.

In addition to the fact there have been delays caused by 22nm Fabrication issues in Intel foundries, there is also the problem that current generation LGA 1155 Sandy Bridge CPUs still have large amounts of excess stock to clear before shifting main production over to Ivy Bridge. There is also speculation whether Intel will launch a i7 3980X which would have all 8 cores enabled, 20MB of L3 cache and a slightly higher frequency than the i7 3960X. This could subdue impatient enthusiasts for a while, especially given the fact new 8 core Xeon’s are currently proving totally un-overclockable.

Source: Xbit Labs


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