Nokia to abandon mobile business and sell assets to Microsoft and Huawei

/ 5 years ago

Due to a string of flops and a late migration over from the Symbian OS to the Windows Mobile platform Nokia have been on a bit of a downward slope, but according to Keepskor founder and Forbes’ contributor Tristan Louis,  Nokia’s exit from the handset manufacturing business will be among the year’s most “notable” events.

What’s more shocking is that Louis continues that Nokia’s mobile operation and infrastructure would be sold to Huawei in order to focus on software and services. It may also sell its assets to Microsoft as well.

Nokia reported six straight quarterly losses and company is still struggling. There has been no indication from Nokia if they would be selling its mobile business; or if its an option that Nokia have even considered.

Back in 2011, a rumour was around that Nokia may have been selling their business to Microsoft but these claims were later denied, stating that there were no such negotiations.

Source: BGR

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