North Korea Wants Joint US Investigation on Sony Hack

/ 3 years ago


The BBC reports that North Korea has demanded a joint investigation with US authorities over the Sony hack. The secretive state denied US allegations that the country was behind the massive hack upon Sony Pictures. 

The country said there would be “grave consequences” if the US did not oblige, saying that “the United States is spreading groundless allegations and slandering us”. 

“We propose a joint investigation with it into this incident. Without resorting to such tortures as were used by the US CIA, we have means to prove that this incident has nothing to do with us.”

The news comes after the FBI yesterday officially announced that North Korea was directly linked to the hack. Following this, President Obama delivered a statement affirming the allegations, accusing the country of attempting to impose censorship upon the US, “we cannot have a society in which some dictator someplace can start imposing censorship”.

Source: BBC News

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