North Korean Leader Uses “Uber-Advanced-Military” Logitech Mouse!

/ 5 years ago


North Korea are viewed as a country that shun the outside world, with aggressive foreign policy rhetoric and a young ambitious leader nothing is set to change any time soon. Yet that doesn’t stop them occasionally delving into delights from the pits of the capitalist world. In a picture published by the North Korean government recently we can see the North Korean leader with his military “supercomputer” (Pentium 4 anyone?) and he is using the Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse which costs a whopping US$30.

Logitech must be delighted with this rather comical development because as Kotaku says “if it’s good enough for Kim Jong-un, it’s probably good enough for you, comrade.”


What better way to play your delightful world-conquering games than with the same mouse that Kim Jong-Un uses to do his (imaginary) world conquering (games). The picture is becoming the basis of a running joke against North Korean technology and the Washington Post commented:

Now, it’s possible that this computer – encased in a giant metal box, looking very retro – does something amazing. But note some of the environmental details: the dining room chair, the consumer desktop keyboard and Logitech mouse. None of those really scream “advanced military computing technology” so much as they suggest “we should put an old Dell in this metal box to show to Dear Leader.”

What do you think of this story? A humorous development? Contradictory North Korean policy rhetoric? Are you going to go out and grab yourself one of these mice now!? Let us know your thoughts.

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2 Responses to “North Korean Leader Uses “Uber-Advanced-Military” Logitech Mouse!”
  1. To be fair, I thought he was playing a Piano in an aircraft hangar lol

  2. Wayne says:

    That sonofabitch needs a bullet between the eyes. Just looking at his brainless lackey’s fawning about him is sickening. He’s probably just playing a pirated copy of Pac Man in the hopes that it’ll help him decide to how to marshal his troops when the time comes.

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