Notifications Feature Added to Google Chrome Beta

/ 3 years ago

google chrome

Google has just added the push notification feature from the Canary build to the latest beta. This means that the feature is just one step away of being integrated into the stable browser.

The Chrome Beta 42 for all platforms is said to come with two APIs that allow websites to send notifications, even if the browser is not open. The feature can also be turned off, having notifications generated and displayed with the “Site Setting” option which lets you disable the notification if you do not need to be notified again in the future from that particular website.

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In addition to the latter, the browser now comes with a new setting that lets you pause plug-in content. The feature is extremely useful to prevent old computers from slowing down or even save battery if you do not need all plug-ins to run at the same time.

Also, the Chrome Beta for Android now displays banners which make it easier to add shortcuts to the home screen. However, only well-made mobile websites that meet the company’s eligible criteria can take advantage of the new feature.

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