Now You Can Download People’s Wills

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Want to know what Winston Churchill gave to his family when he died? How about Princess Diana? Or maybe you’re more interested in that long lost relative who gave your parents millions of pounds that mysteriously no-longer exists? Well whichever one applies to you, if you’re British you’re now in luck as all UK wills are available online.

Wills in the UK are public documents that anyone can access and read, and for years you’ve been able to physically request copies of wills, but now you can do so in the comfort of your own home. For £10. As long as you have a person’s name and year of death, you can order a copy to be ready for download in 10 days.

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Small tidbits of information can be offered for free, especially for influential individuals. For instance, we know that Winston Churchill left his family £304,044 –  a lot of money in 1965.

You can go to the Probate Search website to start searching.

Source: BBC News

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