Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 Dash Camera Review

Final Thoughts


Currently selling for a price in the region of £99.99 the Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 represents something of a strong middle ground for dash cameras. As we said at the beginning of the review, there are plenty of dash cams that you can buy for less than £50, however, the vast majority of them deserve to go immediately into the bin.

Alternatively, there are many cameras which can cost in excess of £150, but for many, such a price is quite high for what is essentially a video camera.

In terms of providing quality image recording at a reasonable price, the Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 is a very attractive proposition.


The camera unit itself feels very well made. Unlike many dash cams, this isn’t bulkishly heavy nor concerningly light. It’s easy to handle, but reassuringly weighty. In terms of the actual operation and physicality, I cannot find fault either. The controls work well and are very easy to access and navigate. A read of the manual is certainly beneficial, but if you just want to start using it, you will quickly fumble your way through easily enough.

It is, perhaps, a little disappointing that this doesn’t come prepackaged with a micro-SD card. A 16gb one, for example, isn’t exactly a huge expense. In addition, the USB cable that the dashcam is provided with (while exceptionally long) did not successfully connect to my PC to upload the videos. I had to use another cable (which came with a tablet) to successfully transfer the data.

These little niggles aside though, the Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 is genuinely good dash camera. It isn’t perfect, but you wouldn’t expect it for a price less than £150 when dealing with this technology.


Between the 1080p cameras, the Sony IMX 323 image sensors and the 190-degree recording angles, the Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 has you covered. As can be seen in the example videos above, it handled a wide range of challenging conditions really well. Certainly much better than your ‘average’ dash camera would.

Admittedly, it’s not perfect and the camera does have it’s weaknesses. They are, however, weaknesses entirely associate with image recording. Put bluntly, light and having too much or not enough of it!

I was amazingly impressed with the wide-angle recording and more so by the sharpness of the images. This performs equally as well as any dash camera I’ve seen, particularly those that command much higher price figures.

Should I Buy One?

Having a dash camera is, in this day and age, a very shrewd thing to own. While you might begrudge spending money on such a thing, when you consider how much this could potentially save you in legal costs, protracted or even unsuccessful insurance claims, suddenly having one seems invaluable. I fully expect cameras to be an integrated part of car design in the future, for the moment though, dash cameras are simply a smart thing to have while driving!

Bridging the gap between cost-effectiveness and quality is one that many dash cameras fail to do. It’s a factor that has possibly put many people off making a 2nd-purchase having been so disappointed with their first.

The Noyato Sphere NX-500, however, manages to do exactly this. It isn’t perfect, but for the price you’re getting a lot more than the vast majority of other products are capable of matching.

This has quality, functionality, reliability, durability and above all a price tag that won’t hurt your wallet!


  • Easy To Use
  • Smooth and sleek aesthetic.
  • Excellent functionality.
  • Cameras are simply fantastic in what they can do.
  • Wide 190 degree internal and internal cameras have all angles covered.
  • Will provide you with a level of protection above and beyond its price bracket.


  • Struggles a little in poor lighting.


  • Does not come with a micro-SD card as standard.
  • USB cable does not appear to allow for PC connectivity. It’s a charger only.

Noyato Sphere Series NX-500 Dash Camera Review

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Mike Sanders

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