NVIDIA Adds Twitch Integration In GeForce Experience 1.8.1 Release

/ 4 years ago


The GeForce Experience 1.8 brought about major ShadowPlay updates that made the gameplay recording tool even better. It seems that Nvidia’s ShadowPlay has a bright future ahead and will probably put all current softwares that incorporate the same features in its ‘shadow’.

Therefore, NVIDIA comes forth with an update release, the GeForce Experience 1.8.1, which brings live Twitch Streaming to Shadowplay. Users can now broadcast their gameplay and commentary live to gamers worldwide without the need for any additional game capture hardware or software.

“Broadcasting to Twitch has become an integral part of the gaming experience,” said Brooke Van Dusen, Director of Business Development at Twitch. “We’re extremely excited to work with NVIDIA to make Twitch live streaming available to GeForce Experience users. ShadowPlay is revolutionary, providing high quality streams with almost no noticeable performance impact for our users.”

One great aspect of this new feature is that there will be no caps on your in-game frame rates. Additionally, Twitch ShadowPlay streaming has a minimal performance impact on frame rates thanks to the H.264 hardware encoder built into GeForce GTX 600 and 700 series desktop graphics cards.

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Now you can use your gear’s full potential to stream content as you desire. For those who wish to download the new GeForce Experience update, here is a link to the newly released version.

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3 Responses to “NVIDIA Adds Twitch Integration In GeForce Experience 1.8.1 Release”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Thanks for the explanation. I saw GeForce experience had updated on my game rig but I never knew what they were talking about, I’m too busy watching SA vs India in the cricket to look it up myself. Cool for the folk that use this kind of thing but as for me, I couldn’t be less interested in this ShadowPlay thing.

    • John Peterson says:

      The idea of shadowplay is great and for a person running a single monitor setup i think it would be great as well. I run a dual monitor setup but shadowplay will not record in border-less windowed mode. So if I want to stream I have to do so from fullscreen which makes switching between very messy ….

      • Skidmarks says:

        Most likely that’ll be fixed in future ShadowPlay releases. A lot of people love recording their gameplay to show off but personally I couldn’t be bothered. I don’t play any online multiplayer games and if I buy two games a year (test games not withstanding) it’s a lot.

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