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Nvidia AI Recreates Pac-Man by Just Watching It!

In their GTC 2020 keynote speech, while Nvidia was (rather disappointingly) quiet about their upcoming gaming graphics cards, they did talk a lot about their AI development and it’s hard to deny the fact that in that particular field, they’re one of the world leaders.

Following the release of a video, however, Nvidia has demonstrated just how remarkable one of its AI platform is by it being able to entirely recreate Pac-Man by just watching it being played.

Nvidia AI Recreates Pac-Man

Using their GameGAN AI, the system was only provided with two pieces of information. A visual representation of the game being played and the controller inputs. That’s it! From that, however, it has been able to construct, from scratch, a fully working version of Pac-Man that is entirely playable.

The only unusual quirk is that the AI doesn’t have ghosts actively pursuing Pac-Man in order to capture him. They simply follow him around without daring to touch (unless the user deliberately forces the action).

What Do We Think?

As you can see from the image (and video) above, while the AI did manage to create a solid representation, the graphics could do with a little sharpening. The fact that this was even possible, however, with the limited information and without feeding it a single line of relevant code is quite remarkable.

Nvidia has said that they will be releasing this AI-generated version of Pac-Man in the coming months so, if you want to try it for yourself, then be sure to keep checking out our website and social media for all the latest Nvidia news!

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Mike Sanders

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