Nvidia approaching other Foundries for 28nm production

/ 6 years ago

Nvidia’s biggest fear at the moment for the 28nm GPU market is a lack of production. AMD has been holding its prices artificially high because even though the GTX 680 is a generally faster card, it is in much shorter supply the the AMD 28nm cards which are relatively abundant. Hence, Nvidia is fearing a loss of competitiveness if it cannot raise the production levels of its 28nm GPUs soon. So Nvidia, along with Qualcomm, is moving to other foundries to try and get additional production. Even with TSMC pulling out all the stops on 28nm production there is still a shortage for Nvidia with demand being very high across the semiconductor industry. Nvidia is reported to have already started sampling 28nm GPUs from Samsung’s 28nm Fab process. Another foundry that Nvidia might consider using are UMC.

Source: DigiTimes

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