Nvidia Developing Tegra 5 Powered Tablet and 2nd Generation Surface

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Nvidia are apparently working on their own tablet and a second generation Microsoft Surface tablet according to TechSpot. Nvidia will apparently release these tablets from next year and at least one of them will be powered by Nvidia’s high end Tegra 5 System on Chip codenamed Logan.

Nvidia’s Tegra 5 will be a mobile processor based on Nvidia’s Kepler architecture. While it will hardly be on the same level as Nvidia’s GTX 600 and 700 series it will still be a huge step forward compared to what we’ve seen in the tablet market thus far.

Nvidia’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has already confirmed that they are working on the second generation Surface tablet but as far as an Nvidia branded tablet goes details are a little more sketchy. The self-branded tablet from Nvidia would follow a similar line of development to the Shield Android gaming console, which Nvidia also developed on their own. Speculation thus far, from Tabtech.de, points to the potential for a “Tegra Note Premium” 7 inch tablet using a 1280 by 800 resolution display and a Tegra 4 processor running Android 4.2.2. The device would probably ship to customers with a more advanced version of Android.

Image courtesy of TechSpot

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6 Responses to “Nvidia Developing Tegra 5 Powered Tablet and 2nd Generation Surface”
  1. Adnan Cavkic says:

    This page has some errors, for example “The self-branded table from Nvidia would follow a similar line of development…” it’s a tablet, not a table i presume, and I don’t think google would let its new device use an outdated version of android like 2.2.2, so I presume you meant 4.2.2 which still wouldn’t be the latest version of android at the time of release.

  2. Jeff Ward says:

    I am confused, it says self branded Nvidia tablet, but the guy is holding an Acer tablet. The one on the right (his left hand) looks EXACTLY like my Acer Iconia A501.

    • Its just an example picture, we don’t know what it will look like yet. Both those tablets are probably just old Tegra powered tablet from Microsoft partners like Acer

      • Jeff Ward says:

        The one in his left hand is most likely the Tegra 2 powered Acer A500 android tablet, the only difference between that and my A501 is that the A501 has a 4G chip in it, and the fact that there was an official ICS release for the A500 where I have to run a custom ROM on my A501 to have anything beyond Honeycomb.

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