Nvidia expecting good results from Kepler

/ 6 years ago

Within the big industry, where it is mostly a game of ‘cat and mouse’, the graphics section’s next expected entry is the first from AMD’s rival, Nvidia, which seems pretty optimistic about its upcoming sales.

AMD, currently offering three sections of its own 28nm chips, started late 2011 the production, but started selling them soon, and now has a large lead over its competition.

Nvidia is expected to launch the GTX 680 this week, marking the first 28 nm entry from the company, as well as the first Kepler chip to be released. So far so good, Nvidia is giving an air of satisfaction as it’s been said that they’re quite happy with their yields, if not for the only displeasure being the unsatisfying number of wafers the company received, but TSMC wasn’t able to produce enough due to the need to service the other customers.

The Kepler chips are currently on their way to various OEMs and AIBs (add in board partners), the latter never being fully happy with the volume of graphics cards they were getting. However, since Kepler proves to be performing quite well, Nvidia and its partner are expecting strong sales and believe that they will quickly sell all the cards they set on sale.

On the other hand TSMC is getting more serious issues in their transitions of manufacturing process. This was already noticed during previous transitions, but this time things are getting more serious. The next manufacturing process, 20 nm, is not expected to be am easy transition either.

Source: Fudzilla

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