Nvidia GeForce 364.51 Beta Fixes Installation Bugs

/ 2 years ago


In light of the installation bugs and issues that plagued yesterday’s release of GeForce driver version 364.47, Nvidia has issued a new driver that promises the solve the issues. The new Geforce 364.51 beta driver promises to fix the issues and will be receiving WHQL certification shortly.

UPDATE 3/8/16: After finding a critical installation issue, the team has replaced yesterday’s driver (364.47) with today’s new driver (364.51).
This driver has been submitted to Microsoft for WHQL-approval and we will update the driver package online as soon as we have the certified package.

We had received reports of some users having issues installing driver version 364.47.  Initial investigation suggests the issue was related to doing an “Express” installation.  If you happen to have a pending installation of 364.47, we recommend that you do not install it and either use the new 364.51 beta version or wait for the WHQL certified version.

According to Nvidia, the issue stems from using the Express installation option with 364.47. However, some user reports suggested that Custom installations also suffered from the issues. Hopefully Nvidia has truly nailed down the source of the bugs and 364.51 will fix it. For now, users are reporting that 364.51 is not causing any installation issues. You can find the latest driver here. Be sure to use DDU and do a clean installation.

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