Nvidia GeForce GT 740 Gets Tested, Launch Imminent

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Another day and another graphics card, this time its Nvidia who are about to release a new graphics card. The Nvidia GeForce GT 740 is the graphics card in question and it is rumoured to be based on the GK107 GPU that also powered the GTX 650. The GK107-425 GPU is configured with 384 CUDA cores, 32 texture mapping units (TMUs), 16 render output units (ROPs) and 1GB of GDDR5 VRAM on a 128 bit memory interface. The clock speeds of the reference design are to be 993 MHz on the core and 5000MHz on the memory making the GT 740 marginally slower than the GTX 650.  The GT 740 has a 64W TDP and will probably require a 6 pin like the GTX 650 did. For reference the GTX 650 is physically identical but has a core clock of 1058 MHz and a memory clock of 5GHz.

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Below you can see slides of the performance of the Nvidia GT 740 and the non-reference Inno3D iChill GT 740 pictured above. As you can see the GTX 650 narrowly edges out the reference GT 740 but the non-reference GT 740 is able to jump past the GTX 650 thanks to the factory overclock of 1100MHz core and 5200MHz memory. WCCFTech claim that the pricing of the GT 740 will likely be in the $90-100 region. Given that the GTX 750 Ti replaced the GTX 650 Ti and GTX 650 Ti Boost I think we can assume the GT 740 will make either the GTX 650 or the GT 640 EOL (End of Life) products.

Source: Chiphell, Via: TechPowerUp

Images courtesy of Chiphell

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