NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Teased – Priced at Under $249, Available Q1 2015

/ 3 years ago


We’re starting to hear about the GeForce GTX 960, a card that looks like it could set AMD on fire. The latest reports see the card keeping its GM204 core, 256-bit memory bus and 4GB of RAM – all of which are found on the GTX 970 and GTX 980 GPUs.

Where things get really interesting is the price – with rumours of a price point of under $249 in the US, where we could see NVIDIA really pin Team Red against the wall if it priced its reference board at $199 and allow AIB partners to scale up to $249 with exotic coolers, and more. Here in the UK, we should expect a price of around £200.

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Specifications on the GeForce GTX 960 are just rumors for now, but we could expect 1408 SPs, 88 TUs, and a TDP that should fall under 150W.

Source: KitGuru.

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  • Wayne

    There’s no sense in speculating now, they will announce sometime soon then we’ll all know for sure.

  • 12John34

    AMD doesn’t have a problem in that price category. 970 did serious damage yes, but AMD can lower the price of 285 easier at $199 or lower than what it did with 290 and 290X. 285 isn’t much more different than a 270X. 2GB of memory and a 256bit data bus. It could easily sell at that price range.

    • Ian McConvey

      AMD has a serious problem now the fact that Nvidia have got low prices and offer low power consumption cards with less heat and serious overclocking headroom, yes AMD do have a problem and they need to get on it.