Nvidia GTX 650 arrives for consumers

/ 5 years ago

Along with the GTX 660 launch today, Nvidia have also launched the GTX 650. The GTX 650 is just a “glammed-up” version of the GT 640 with a few changes – the most important one being GDDR5 memory. The GTX 650 features the same GK107 GPU as the GT 640.

With 384 CUDA cores, 32 TMUs, 16 ROPs, and a 128-bit wide GDDR5 memory interface it is physically identical to the GT 640. Its specifications make the GTX 650 an ideal graphics card for maxing out games at 1366 by 768 resolutions or lower.

The only differences between the GTX 650 and GT 640 are the core clock speed has been increased to 1058MHz on the core (no GPU boost) and the memory is now 1GB of GDDR5 at 5GHz effective clock speed.

The PCB design is also identical to the GT 640 except with the addition of a PCI Express 6 pin power connector, probably to give it more overclocking headroom.

Nvidia’s recommended pricing for the GTX 650 is $109/£89.

Source: Press Release

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