Nvidia GTX 650 Ti specifications change

/ 5 years ago

Early speculation suggested Nvidia’s GTX 650Ti graphics card would have 576 CUDA cores but industry sources have confirmed the new Nvidia card will actually have 768 CUDA cores making it a much better proposition for entry level gamers.

Nvidia isn’t slouching on clock speeds either, with 925MHz reference clock expect to see Nvidia partners push these cards to 1000MHz and beyond for the special overclocked versions. The GTX 650Ti will feature only 1GB of GDDR5 memory across a 128bit interface, not the 2GB previously reported – although its possible we might see special non-reference versions with 2GB. The effective memory clock is 5.4GHz.

Power efficiency is at the heart of the GTX 650Ti design as it features a 110W TDP and the need for only a single 6 pin power connector. No SLI connectors are included meaning you may only use this card in a single configuration or as an add-in PhysX card. Display outputs included are dual link DVI and HDMI.

Pricing is expected at $149 for the reference based models and $159-$179 for non-reference overclocked designs. The launch date is still expected to be October the 9th.

MSI is reportedly preparing a GTX 650Ti Hawk Edition graphics card which will probably pack a hefty overclock.


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