Rumour: Nvidia GTX 760 Set For June 25th Release Date

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Nvidia’s new GTX 700 series has already launched and it has been dominated by the GTX 780 and GTX 770 video cards. Now the speculation moves towards the unreleased graphics cards and today we are addressing some rumours that have emerged about the GTX 760 courtesy of In their report they say that we can expect the GTX 760 to be released on either Tuesday June 25th or Thursday June 27th. The launch was reportedly going to take place next week and as there was a mid-June launch expected. Though apparently AIBs managed to delay the launch as they were not ready for a transition to the new card that week.

Now apart from that details are still sketchy in terms of what the GTX 760 will actually be. Though most reports seem to agree on the rebrand and “drop-down” concept, that is that the GTX 760 will be a rebranded GTX 660 Ti. Though there have been conflicting reports that suggested the GTX 760 would just be a rebadged GTX 660 (the 1152 CUDA core model not the 1344 CUDA core GTX 660 Ti). In which case then it seems the GTX 660 Ti may vanish from Nvidia’s portfolio as the GTX 670 will form the GTX 760 Ti while the GTX 660 Ti is phased out. However there is also a third possibility which is that both the GTX 760 Ti and the GTX 760 will be based on the GTX 670 GPU but the GTX 760 Ti will obviously have a faster version of it.

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Either way even with all the conflicting rumours that have probably made you as confused as I am it is reported Nvidia are planning just one GPU launch this month and it is definitely going to be the GTX 760 according to this report. We will have to wait and see as most rumours have a tendency to only be partially correct.

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  • Greyson

    what will the price of the 760 be? Also will the 660 go down in price

    • d6bmg

      Let’s wait & see.

  • d6bmg

    Yes, I’m also sick of the ‘milking the customers’ in the name of rebranded cards at equal or higher price than the previous card.

  • Wayne

    Who knows. nVidia march to the beat of their own drum. Let’s just hope the price’s are “reasonable” but I won’t hold my breath on that score.

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