Nvidia GTX 880 Flagship Maxwell GPU Detailed, Features ARM Cores

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We’ve already heard some early rumours about the Nvidia GM204 and now we’re hearing some details about the GM210. As you might expect, and as the name suggests, the GM210 is expected to replace the GK110 GPU we currently have. According to details the GM210 has a 512 bit memory interface, 384 texture mapping units (TMUs) while most the other details remain unspecified or unknown. The GM210 GPU will likely make use of 20nm if TSMC can get volume production into gear in time, but the use of 28nm technology is also possible. Rumours that came out early last month suggested we might see a 28nm Maxwell based GTX 800 series followed by a 20nm Maxwell based GTX 900 series shortly after when the 20nm process becomes mature enough to allow for such mass production. That same logic could apply here: we might see a 28nm GM210 then a new stepping based on 20nm at a later date using the same GPU.

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The second interesting note about this GM210 GPU is that it may be called the GTX 880 Enterprise Edition. This is not that unexpected as we’ve seen Nvidia aim the GTX Titan, Titan Black and Titan Z at the more enterprise market. The GTX 880 Enterprise Edition is rumoured to contain 8 full ARMv8 cores allowing for greater functionality in the HPC (high performance computing) market. If the GTX 880 Enterprise Edition does end up being the flagship GM210 part then we may of course see more cut-down versions used to create the rest of the GTX 800 product stack. As always, rumours are rumours so treat them as such!

Source: Expreview and Xtreme Systems Forums

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