Nvidia Introduces Its Drive PX Self-Driving Car Computer

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Nvidia has introduced its Drive PX, a self-driving computer for the automotive industry, which is now available as a developer kit. The device is said to go on sale this May for a price tag of $10.000, which is not a huge price for the car industry. Nvidia’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, believes that this is where the industry is heading.

Nvidia has compared the Drive PX with one of its former DARPA projects called Dave, which as a small self-driving car based on deep learning neural network that processed a lot of images in order to learn how to drive and avoid obstacles.

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DARPA’s Dave had 3.1 million connections, 12 frames per second and was capable of 38 million connections a second. Nvidia now has the AlexNet deep learning network that can do 630 million connections at 184 frames per second and, with 116 billion connects a second.

The Drive PX comes equipped with 12 camera inputs and has 2.3 Teraflops of computing power, as well as ADAS which runs multiple cameras and combines the data from them. Nvidia might be taking the automotive industry to the next level with this new project.

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