Nvidia launches GTX 700M Enthusiast Notebook GPUs

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The run up to Computex is always a busy time of year. There are new APUs from AMD in the form of Richland, new graphics card releases from Nvidia in the form of the GTX 700 series and new processors from Intel in the form of Haswell. Not all of these have been released yet, but will be over the coming weeks. Nvidia is now adding another big release to the bunch by launching the GTX 700M series of graphics cards for notebooks.

The current launch of the GTX 700M series from Nvidia is comprised of the GTX 760M, GTX 765M, GTX 770M and GTX 780M. If you missed the launch of earlier models, that is the GT 710M through the GT 750M, then you can check the link for those. Based on these specifications our previous article about the GTX 770M being based on a rebranded GTX 670MX does indeed seem to be true. As we can see at a hardware level all of these graphics cards are more or less the same using either GK104, GK106 or GK107 – all Kepler architectures.

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That said these GPUs are not “identical” as Nvidia has tweaked and tuned base clocks, memory clock speeds and added GPU Boost 2.0 to the GTX 700M series. Therefore every part in the Nvidia GTX 700M series will be much faster than its GTX 600M series counterpart because it takes the previously higher stacked model (for example the GTX 670MX drops down to the GTX 770M) and then further increases clocks to add even more performance.

Anandtech are the ones who have revealed all this information about the GTX 700M series and they believe that BioShock Infinite at maximum settings at 1080p produces 41.5 FPS while the GTX 675MX produces 35.6 FPS and the HD 7970M produces 45.3 FPS.

Image #1 courtesy of Nvidia and Image #2 courtesy of Anandtech 

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One Response to “Nvidia launches GTX 700M Enthusiast Notebook GPUs”
  1. d6bmg says:

    The spaces of GTX780M, 770M looks real good.
    But other than those, everything have only 128Bit Memory Bus, which will definitely hamper the performance a lot.

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