Nvidia “poking” AMD for its GCN Architecture

/ 6 years ago

Nvidia has been rather absent from the next-gen GPU market so far and CES 2012 saw them more centred around the mobile platform rather than its Kepler section.

Yet this didn’t stop news reporters from asking questions, for which NordicHardware got answers. While talking to a senior Nvidia official about the Kepler GPU and it’s competition, AMD’s Southern Islands, a statement caught the attention very effectively:

“Honestly, we expected more from our competitor’s new architecture.”

When stating this, the official indicated two things related:

  • The performance levels showed by AMD’s Southern Islands GPU family are within the expectations Nvidia had set
  • Nvidia’s new architecture will be a lot more powerful than that of Southern Islands due to the fact that Nvidia prepared Kepler to go up against a faster architecture from AMD

Nvidia seems to be determined to bring a faster and better next-gen GPU, now whether this is just publicity or fact remains to be seen.

Source: NordicHardware


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