Nvidia releases new GTX 560m gaming laptop video card

/ 7 years ago

The GTX 460m much like the GTX 460 itself was the sweet spot for gaming performance and value for money. The release of the GTX 560m is expected to now take that position for the laptop market. Offering full 1080p performance as well as DX11 support in addition to much more performance-per-watt the GTX 560m is likely to leave the GTX 460m in the distance.

The GTX 560m also offers these features:

  • NVIDIA 3D Vision technology support, the #1 3D technology for notebooks
  • NVIDIA PhysX technology support, for in-game real-time physics effects
  • NVIDIA CUDA architecture support, for GPU computing applications

Surprisingly we can see that if you own a GTX 560m laptop or notebook you will be able to support 3D vision which is a huge advantage over older Nvidia mobile GPUs.

From this week Alienware (Dell), Asus, Clevo, MSI and Toshiba will start producing and selling laptops with GTX 560m. No official word on pricing but the expectation is they will come in to fill the £600-£1000 gaming laptop range.

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One Response to “Nvidia releases new GTX 560m gaming laptop video card”
  1. omegadoom13 says:

    Sounds like it's going to be a nice performance boost. Thanks for the bit of news

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