Nvidia Report Strong Quarterly Results, Driven By GTX GeForce Sales Growth

/ 4 years ago


Nvidia have just reported their latest earnings for the fourth quarter of their 2014 Fiscal year (Q4 of 2013) and for the Fiscal year as a whole. Their quarterly results are impressive showing significant quarter-on-quarter growth in income thanks to growing GTX GPU revenues. The year-on-year results are certainly less impressive but they reflect the large costs from research and development Nvidia has been putting towards new projects like:

  • Project Denver, Nvidia’s custom 64 bit ARM core Tegra K1 mobile “superchip”
  • The Tesla K40 – Nvidia’s accelerator for supercomputing and big data analytics environments
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Nvidia also made partnerships with Audi, to introduce an Nvidia powered “infotainment” system, and with IBM, to help them build their supercomputers for the HPC community that require GPU acceleration. Nvidia expects revenue for Q1 of fiscal year 2015 to be $1.05 billion, a slight quarter-on-quarter drop from the most recent quarter. If you’re interested in all the financial jargon then you can see that below.

Nvidia’s full announcement can be read here.


Images courtesy of Nvidia

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