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Nvidia RTX 4060 Ti Founders Edition Review

Ray Tracing & DLSS

In A Plague Tale: Requiem, we see a pretty respectable 9% uplift when enabling DLSS on the 4060 Ti compared to the same on the 3060 Ti. The RTX 3070 still commands a 31% lead over the 4060 Ti, but once we enable DLSS3, we see the 4060 Ti comes out on top by a single frame per second, and with slightly stronger 1% lows too.

In Control, the 4060 Ti again sees a 9% lead over the 3060 Ti with Ray Tracing enabled, while the 3070 only manages one extra frame per second. When DLSS is enabled, the 4060 Ti comes in 4% faster than the 3060 Ti, but also sits 6% lower than the more expensive RTX 3070.

In Cyberpunk, the 4060 Ti gave very similar performance to the RTX 3070 with only a single frame separating them in favour of the 3070 though the 4060 Ti came in with a single frame per second lead in the 1% low. Again though, DLSS3 boosts that performance, this time by a staggering 31%.

Spiderman performed worse on the 4060 Ti when compared to the 3060 Ti when looking at DLSS performance by around 18%, though again DLSS did claw back some of that performance, but sadly wasn’t enough to compete as the 3060 Ti still managed another 7% more performance in bog-standard DLSS Performance mode. Again, maybe an update could help this game perform better as time goes on.

In flight sim, the 4060 Ti pushes ahead of both the 3060 Ti and 3070 by around 27%, while DLSS3 pushes out another 24% more performance which makes it 58% faster than the RTX 3070 overall.

Then lastly in Watch Dogs: Legion, we see the 3060 Ti and 4060 Ti evenly matched in Ray Tracing performance, while again DLSS pushes performance up on both cards, again giving matched numbers, which sits just 5% behind the RTX 3070.

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