NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce GTX Titan II Teased, GM200 is Coming

/ 3 years ago


It’s coming folks – NVIDIA’s next-generation GPU is already being teased, weeks after the Maxwell cards have reached consumers’ PCs. The news is coming from WCCF Tech, who is reporting that the next-gen GPU from NVIDIA will be baked onto the 16nm FinFET process from TSMC. During NVIDIA’s recent earnings call, CEO and co-founder of the company, Jen Hsun-Huang teased that he is “excited about our next generation GPU”. Huang added that “right now we’re enjoying ramping Maxwell. And so Maxwell is unquestionably at this point a home run and we’re just savoring the moment and ramping the living daylights out of it”.

This could see NVIDIA unveil its GM200-based product soon, most likely the second AMD announces its next-gen Radeon R9 390X GPU. If not, we could see the GeForce GTX Titan II unveiled at GTC 2015 in March next year. NVIDIA is skipping over the 20nm node, with the GeForce GTX 900 series built on the ageing, but still very capable 28nm process. The shift to 16nm process is going to really let NVIDIA stretch its legs in terms of performance and power consumption on the new GPUs.

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Begin saving up folks, this GPU is going to be a monster.

Source: WCCF Tech.

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  • ZomBie

    It’s like I knew this was going to happen and didn’t buy a 900 series.
    I hope the 16nm chips are capable of 4K gaming @ 60fps on their own.
    that would be a deciding factor for me.

    • Ross Z-Trigger Clutterbuck

      Not gonna happen – you do know how many pixels 4K resolution is, don’t you? And if it’s taking Titan Black SLI or 8GB 290X Crossfire to hit 60fps at 4K, then we’re a LONG way off 4K gaming on a single GPU.

  • Scase

    Yet another reason i stopped buying nVidia. Also only idiots bought titans.

    • Ross Z-Trigger Clutterbuck

      Really? Funny, I don’t feel like much of an idiot being able to game on the same card that drives my video editing system – editing multiple 4K layers in real time AND gaming on the same card, for less than a grand? Only idiots buy Quadros.

      Or did you forget that PCs do more than play games? Not quite sure who the idiot is here…

      • Ditto Ross and well said …I build and use my systems in the exact same way []^,..,^]

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