Nintendo NX May Be a Home Console

/ 2 years ago


Nintendo announced a few months ago that they are working on a brand new platform called “NX”. The company hasn’t told us any more details, and never confirmed if we can expect it to be a home console or new portable system.

Recent comments made by Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime caught our eye when interviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

“We’ve also said publicly that we are already hard at work on our next home console and that’s another element we’ll be talking about much later.”

It’s pretty obvious what this may mean, it’s a very strong hint and maybe confirmation that this all new Nintendo NX will be a console rather than a handheld device. What will it look like? what will it do? we have no idea.

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With any luck, it will pack some of the features of the Wii U, but in a much more hardcore console. Nintendo is very good when it comes to consoles, but they’re nowhere near the same league as Xbox and PS4 when it comes to the latest games. They’re amazing for family and group fun but try to play a fast paced FPS on it and you may as well give up.

What do you think Nintendo are up to behind the scenes?

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2 Responses to “Nintendo NX May Be a Home Console”
  1. Cenarl says:

    it’ll be interesting to see what they decided to put in it, it’ll be interesting if they make it a powerhouse. I don’t know how much time they have to choose, but if they can stick in a 16/14nm card next year they could easily trounce PS4 and Xbox, in the graphics arena, while not really being much more expensive. It’ll be weird seeing nintendo with the highest powered console and possibly by a significant margin if they choose to go that route. I really hope they give their devs all the power they need, Zelda U already looks great (if it actually comes out) for such a relatively weak console.

  2. Matthias Staudacher says:

    please just be a more core gamer focused console. all the real hits
    for wii u (mario kart, smash brothers, hyrule warriors, the future tloz
    reboot and splatoon) would (probably) work just as well without the
    touch gimmick. something like a ps4-trackpad controller for some
    2d-haptic interaction is okay, but please shift your focus on your
    exclusives. some big productions under big names are needed. also, the
    indie market is still there.

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